Pre Reading on Ch 1 and 2

These readings recalled the learning during my school years where I had to solve tons of maths problems and sums. It was rare for me to score good grades in this subject during the first two years in my secondary education. It was the teacher which impacted me to change and develop a liking for maths for the next two years. Therefore,  I believe being a teacher, I need to create a positive attitude in children to learn mathematics.

Ch 1

I learnt about the six principles and five content  standards for school mathematics.  There are also five  process standards and the common core standards. I feel that the common core standards are familiar  as they are similar to what is written in the MOE curriculum framework.

In addition, I do agree the the knowledge,skills and attitude in the teacher affect the learning of children. Children role-model the  teacher. When the teacher shows a dislike in mathematics, the children shows the same likewise. Hence, in order for children to learn well, the interest must be present in them. This interest  has to be cultivated by the teacher. I like the quote by Steve  Leinward the most in this chapter which states that ” If you don’t feel inadequate,  you’re probably not doing the job” (p.10)

Ch 2

In this chapter, I came across the names of the theorists again.They are  Piaget and Vvgotsky. No matter what subject the teacher is teaching, it is  always important to understand and know the theory which supported the children’s learning.

This chapter stresses me after reading as there are many examples of sums that keeps me thinking.  Honestly, it took me some time to understand the solution given in some of the questions stated. 

This leads me to recall a question that a K2 boy has asked me before during the maths lesson. He asked  me why he had to draw model even though he knew the equation of getting the answer. I was surprised to hear this question from him and I realised that I did not know how to answer him.

Is model drawing really important if the child knows the number equation and gets the answer of  the  question?  I am clueless about this as most of my K2 children are struggling with model drawing.

Just like what this chapter has stated, there are many ways to understand mathematics. I feel that time needs to be given for children to pick up mathematical concepts. In order to understand it,  it takes persistance and effort by the children. Therefore, I believe in giving time to children to grasp the mathematical concepts because “childhood is a journey,not a race”. However, I feel that some parents do not seem to understand this.





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