Session 1 – 12 August 2013

The first class session was fun and interesting as there were many hands-on activites with tangrams. The other 2 problems were given later in the session which I feel that it was a tough challenge to think of as many ways as possible to solve the problems.

I enjoyed the process of solving the first problem of using tangrams the most. It brought back memories of my childhood where I played with tangrams to form the animal using the shapes given. It was really fun to be able to explore and think of ways to create a rectangle using a required number of pieces which was instructed. I found it extremely hard to create a rectangle using all the pieces given. Our group had an intensive discussion in trying to get as many ways to create a rectangle. Below are some of the ways that my group had come up with…

2013-08-12 18.57.43

2013-08-12 19.08.30

2013-08-12 18.56.11

The other 2 problems were on the 99th letter position of names and getting equal parts from a rectangle.
Upon hearing the question, I was at a loss of what to do. This made me recall the schoolin years again. Thankfully this time round, I could seek help from my classmates and discuss with them on solving these problems.


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