Session 2- 13 August 2013

This session is on the concept of whole numbers. I will share about the use of ten frame in teaching children this concept.

I feel that ten frame is an effective material that children can use to learn about tens & ones, more, less and number bonds. My past experience of teaching children this concept was the use of unifix cubes in most of my teaching. Hence. I discovered that ten frame can be another useful material which can be used as well.

I found this link a useful one as there are games which children can play using the ten frame.

In addition, ten frame need not be a commerialised item as it can be made by children. I feel that getting children to decorate and make their own ten frame makes them more interested and captivated in learning with the material that they have made. (eg. decorating of egg carton ten frame)


Ten frame enables children to visualise what they are doing and I believe that it will be most effective for children who are visual learners. In addition, children can understand that quantity is the same even though they are displayed in different arrangement. These concepts are very important as taken from the quote by Dr Yeap that ” children cannot imagine well what they have never experience”. In this session, I discovered that experiences with ten frame is useful for children to create their own learning experiences.


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