Session 3 – 14 August 2013

After going through this session, teaching fractions is not as complicated to me now as what I have preceived prior today. Teaching fractions is similar to teaching whole numbers where CPA (Concrete,Pictorial,Abstract) approach is one of the ways to teach fractions to children.

In addition, the use of language in how teachers name fractions is important. For example, I learnt that saying 1 out of 10 or 1 upon 10 is the incorrect way of naming fractions. Teachers should use the correct naming for children to model and that will be saying one tenth. I also realise that once the language has been instilled, it is also easier for children to solve questions on fractions.

Below are some links which I found useful as there are many concrete materials that teachers could use when they introduce fractions to children. For example, using candy bars,pies or cakes.


Concrete materials help children to visualise and once children are able to understand, the concrete materials can be replaced with the use of pictures and the last stage will be abstract.
The quote learnt from the session today :” Children need to go through the JOURNEY to get to the DESTINATION. JOURNEY is more important than DESTINATION”


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