Session 4- 15 August 2013

Some learning points from this session
1) Different semantics for addition, subtraction,multiplication and division.

2) Skemp’s theory on instrumental understanding,relational understanding and conventional understanding.

When a child has difficulty in learning a concept, ponder upon these questions:
What can the child do?
Can the child understand what he or she do?
Can the child understand the convention use?

The answers to this question will be CPA( Concrete, Pictorai and Abstract) approach by Bruner, as well as the three understanding theory by Skemp, and Dienes’s theory on variation of activity. In addition,the role of teacher to scaffold,model and allowing children to explore is esssential too.

Another material used in this session is Geobaord which is effective to teach area and geometry. Below are some of the videos which I found useful in using Geoboard as a tool to teach these concepts


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