Session 5- 16 August 2013

In this session, the lesson is focused on solving problems on angles. A test paper question on angles was given for us to solve. It took us a while to come up with as many as ways as we can to solve the question.

This question highlights the importance of the skill which is VISUALISATION. Children need to be able to visualise in order to solve mathematical questions. Besides learning functional mathematics where they learn mathematical concepts which is useful in real life such as money,time or counting, children also need to grasp mathematical concepts which is not used in real life eg. angles.

The question is “But WHY?”

” Mathematics is an excellent vehicle for development and improvement of a person’s INTELLECTUAL COMPETENCE…” (MOE)

In order for children to develop into intellectually competent learners, they need these abilites :
1) Visualisation
2) Matacognition
3) Generalisation/ Patterns
4) Number senses
5) Communication


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