Session 6 – 17 August

Miss Peggy Foo has introduced many activites to teach patterning, number sense and visualisation (card trick, paper cutting,using stories).

I am keen to try out the activity on the card trick in my classroom as it is interesting due to the presence of entertainment and mystery. Children may perceive it to be a magic performance when teachers perform it. Hence, I believe that it will develop an interest in them to find out how the teacher actually do it. Besides having fun, this activity provides opportunities for children to use patterning in order to do the trick.

In addition, I found this link to be useful too as they provides a variety of activties using cards as a mathematical tool

The next part of this session is on professional development. This term is not unfamiliar to me as there is a module that we are taking concurrently that emphazises on this term as well. Indeed, professional development is important as it helps teachers to engage in to examine their teaching practices systematically.


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